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Felco Pruners, Loppers and Saws Make Pruning Easier

Felco lopper in use

Try a Felco pruner and know the joy. The tight, solid feel. The smooth, silky action. It's time to become a Felco Fanatic! Felco pruners will amaze you. Sharp, durable, sturdy, adjustable tools that are easy to repair and maintain. Felco garden tools are everything you need.

Not sure which pruning tool is right for you? Don't worry, we have lots of detailed information to help make it easy to decide. Read our guide to choosing the right Felco pruner, lopper and saw.

Felco Pruner Felco Pruning Shears

The clean, easy cut makes for rapid healing of the wood. The shape of the non-slip handles let you work longer without tired hands or wrists. We think they're cute, too!

Felco Accessories Felco Holsters, Parts and Accessories

It's easy to find any spare part you need. Durable leather holsters, handy sharpening stones, lubricant spray, pruner grease... we've got it all.

Felco Lopper Felco Loppers

These are powerful tools! Great for pruning vines, trees, bushes and shrubs. Wide opening to make cutting large branches easy. Handles are unbreakable but not heavy.

Felco Saw Felco Pruning Saws

Felco saws with pull-action for a clean, precise cut on large branches. Amazingly sharp, these saws will make your life easier. Great no-slip handles too.

Felco Cable Cutter Felco Cable and Wire Cutters

Heavy-duty hardened-steel blades and steel handles last practically forever. The famous Felco 'triangular cut' avoids frayed cables.

Felco Harvesting Shears Felco Harvesting Shears

Felco quality in small, light and inexpensive tools for harvesting. Now you can harvest flowers and vegetables with real Felco power.