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Using a Felco pruner

Are you looking for the manufacturer of Felco tools: Felco SA?

We are not the manufacturer of Felco tools. They are great; we are small. We are a retail website run by Felco fans. We are not Felco SA. They are the proud engineers, executives and workers that design and build these awesome Felco tools. Can you tell we love Felco?

Want to know where we are located?

In Illinois, near O'Hare Airport for fast shipping to anywhere in the USA. By state law, only orders purchased by, or shipped to, Illinois residents are charged our local sales tax.

Want a quantity discount?

Our order system offers quantity prices on almost everything we sell - order more than the indicated quantity of each product and your price will automatically be adjusted downward. Please do not ask for special pricing beyond this, our prices are so low that the only additional deal we can offer is our incredibly low shipping charges. Wow! Look at that! How can we afford it?

Wondering when your order will ship?

Sit down and relax - let us doing the worrying for you. We ship every order as soon as we possibly can. Some ship the same day, most ship within a few days, and a few take longer. You will be notified by email of any unusual delay. We have incentive - you don't get charged until we ship your order and we want our money!

Can't figure out how to unlock your new Felco pruner?

While squeezing the handles tightly together until the bumper compresses, turn the locking lever counter-clockwise. We have a posted a short demonstration video.

Looking for our phone number?

We don't have one. Time we spend answering the phone is time we can't spend packing orders. We don't have expensive phone menu systems and receptionists and all that corporate mumbo-jumbo. Around here, the CEO might be the one packing your order! Contact us and when the CEO is done packing, he'll read your question or comment and if necessary he'll answer you back. Can you get service like that at one of those big corporations? Wouldn't you rather have direct email communication with someone who can answer your questions or solve your problem, instead of talking on the phone to some "customer service" drone who knows nothing and cares less?

Got a question about maintaining your Felco's?

Replacing parts, sharpening blades, and other routine maintenance is easy to do yourself. Visit our Felco maintenance tips page. There are detailed instructions, with pictures, to show you how to get your Felcos working like new, lickety-split!

Looking for a replacement part?

Visit our Felco replacement parts easy index. We have detailed pictures of almost every part that Felco makes, and every part is indexed and cross-referenced by model, so everything is easy to find. That's important, because we have an amazing number of small nuts, bolts, screws, replacement blades, pins, rivets, bushings, springs, handles - even that little wrench-like tool that came with your pruners that you lost years ago!

Thinking of requesting a catalog?

Sorry, but we don't have a catalog. Catalogs went out with the twentieth century! Our website features every product we sell, is continuously updated, and has lower prices than any old-fashioned catalog. By not having a catalog, we can keep our costs lower - catalogs cost a lot to print and mail - and we pass those savings on to you. If you really, really, really must have a catalog, try printing out our product pages - but for the latest great deals, make sure you check our website often.

Looking for more information or having a problem with our website?

Contact us for fast, direct communication with the people that can help you.

Is there anything we haven't thought of?

We are always looking for hints, comments and suggestions. Is anything hard to understand? Or maybe there is some problem you are having with our website. Please tell us so we can make our company better.

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We work for you.

The Felco Store: We Work for You

We are huge fans of Felco products. We are pleased to be able to offer them for sale on the Web, and we have tried to present all the information and resources we can find. We know that Felco pruning and cutting tools are a world leader in terms of quality, reliability and life span. Felco tools are of such high quality that we are proud to offer an exclusive life-time limited warranty on everything we sell. This warranty applies only to Felco Store customers and only to products purchased from the Felco Store.

The Felco Store is an independent retail website: a division of Luminous Chao, Inc. Founded in 1996, Luminous Chao is a visionary Internet business and development company with thriving e-commerce websites. Our e-commerce stores bring you only the best retail products and sales support. We only sell products that we feel are among the very best in their field.

Luminous Chao is a new kind of business, a retailer that keeps costs extremely low by relying completely on the Web and computers as a means of managing, marketing, communication, and customer service. We love our business, and we hope you will too.

Felco Model 1 Prototype

A Little Background on Felco

Located in the heart of the Swiss Jura, between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds, Felco SA is in a region that is famous for its prestigious watch manufacturers - synonymous with quality and manufacturing knowledge.

It all began in 1945 when Félix Flisch, using his own drawing board, designed his first forged aluminum pruning shear and manufactured a high-quality and exceptionally durable tool adapted to its user. Time has gone by, but the same spirit and objectives remain.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, Felco tools are made from the finest materials in accordance with rigorous manufacturing procedures. These tools are appreciated daily by millions of users all over the world.