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Why Felco Pruning Shears are So Wonderful

Why we love the tools we sell. With pictures.

Forged aluminum alloy handles are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Easy to repair. All Felco parts are available and can easily be replaced.
The top-quality heat-treated steel blades ensure perfect resistance and excellent cutting performance. Ergonomically adapted to the individual user: some models are designed especially for left-handers or people with small hands.
Most Felco pruning shears come with sap groove to wisk away sap and dirt during each cut. The angled cutting head on some models increases user comfort by extending the access of the forearm.
The revolving handle on some Felco pruners spreads the muscular effort over all 5 fingers and reduces the effort of cutting by 30% - lowering risks of tendonitis and inflamation. Felco pruning shears all have manually adjustable center bolt for aligning the play between the cutting blade and the anvil blade. This guarantees a clean, precise cut.
The blades of most Felco pruning shears have with a notch for cutting small diameter wire. No need to carry a wire snip while gardening. The cushion and shock absorbers reduce the impact at the end of cutting, protecting hand and wrist. Garden tools that are a pleasure to use!