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Felco Hoof Shears are the Best

Developed with the assistance of sheep breeders, these cutters are also great for trimming goat hooves and llama or alpaca toenails. Only the finest available materials are used to ensure Felco quality and reliability. Easy handling and cutting performance saves time and effort. Xylan coated blades help ensure hygiene and prevent rust. Your sheep (or goats or llamas or alpacas) will thank you.

Felco 50 hoof shears have a rotating handle, allowing the fingers to move naturally, thereby reducing the blisters and hand fatigue that so often accompany prolonged work. More about the Felco 50 hoof shear...
Picture of  F50
Felco 51 hoof shears have light alloy handles, shaped to act as an extension of the forearm. Identical to the Felco 50 but without the rotating handle. More about the Felco 51 hoof shear...
Picture of  F51