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Felco 16 pruner (F16)

Picture of  F16
New! Designed for left-handers with smaller hands who may prefer a smaller, lighter pruner. This is one incredibly well-made left-handed bypass pruner. If you're looking for the Felco quality we love so much, but the Felco 9 or Felco 19 are just too big for you, get the Felco 16. It's comfortable to use yet every bit as sturdy and powerful as any other of the Felco pruners.

This great tool is ideal for small pruning work such as grape vines, shrubs and young trees, it is also the first choice of many florists. The anvil blade is screw-mounted for easy replacement. The shorter blades facilitate closer cutting to the stem of the plant.

Includes adjustment key. Packaged in attractive plastic package suitable for storage, with instructions for care and maintenance tips. Made in Switzerland.

Length 7 1/4 inches, Weight 7.5 ounces. Recommended cutting capacity is 0.8 inches. For left-handers with small hands.