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Parts for Felco pruner F12, small hand, bypass, rotating handle (F12)

Felco pruner F12, small hand, bypass, rotating handle

These are all the available parts for the Felco pruner F12, small hand, bypass, rotating handle (F12).

Mighty Felco pruners seem indestructible, but year after year of hard use and repeated sharpening eventually wears down even the hardest steel blade. If your blade is chipped or cracked, your pruners no longer close all the way to the tip or you can hardly tell that there was a wire-notch at the back of the blade, then it is time for a replacement blade. You won't believe the difference it makes. Made in Switzerland.
Genuine Felco replacement anvil blade for the Felco 6 and 12 pruners. Includes 6-6 screw. Made in Switzerland.
We recommend replacing the spring in your pruners at least once every year. If your pruner doesn't open like it used to, it's time for a new spring. Made in Switzerland. Contains two springs (6-11).
Contains center bolt (6-8) and nut (2-9), locking segment (2-16) and screw for locking segment (6-7). Made in Switzerland.
Give your beloved Felco pruner a tune-up. This kit has everything you need to spruce up your pruner and keep it working smoothly for years to come. Contains catch plate (2-15); thumb catch (2-12), spring washer (2-13) and screw (2-14); upper, flat shock absorber (2-18) and lower, rounded shock absorber (2-20). Made in Switzerland. The 2-14 screw may not fit older pruners.
Worn or hardened shock absorbers can make pruning a pain in the wrist. For pain-free pruning replace your shock absorbers at least once a year. Contains 4 upper (2-18) and 6 lower (2-20) shock absorbers. Fits all Felco pruners that have shock absorbers. Made in Switzerland.
Does not include rotating handle (7-22) or blade. Includes bushing (2-10), blade pins, bumper and edging ring (2-19), thumb catch (2-12), spring washer (2-13) and screw for catch(2-14). Made in Switzerland.
Made in Switzerland.
Requires riveting. Used as a last resort to replace the cutting blade pins if the pins are lost or damaged. Once the cutting blade is riveted on, future blade replacement will require removing and replacing rivets. Also used on older Felco model 2 pruners to attach the cutting blade at the factory. If your pruner is old enough to vote you probably need three of these along with a new blade. Made in Switzerland.
If the lock nut on your Felco model 6, 11, 12 or 100 is allowed to loosen up, a hard cut can bend or snap the center bolt. Don’t let that happen! If it does happen to you, your valued pruner can be saved. Get a new center bolt here. Made in Switzerland.
Did you let the locking segment stay loose too long? That’s how you lose the lock nut. Don’t freak out - buy a new nut and save your trusty tool. Made in Switzerland.
While replacing the thumb catch, make sure you replace the spring washer too. It holds the catch still so it stays locked when locked and stays unlocked when in use. This part may not fit older model pruners.
Does your thumb catch swing freely, locking your pruner during use? There's an easy solution: You need a new spring washer. Don't over-tighten the screw, fix it right: replace the spring washer.
While replacing the this screw, make sure you replace the spring washer too. It holds the catch still so it stays locked when locked and stays unlocked when in use. This part may not fit very old Felco pruners.
This seemingly simple part is the heart of your pruner. It acts as a washer for the center bolt and nut and also for the locking segment. It is held fast by the screw for locking segment and has a notch where the catch is caught. Without this simple, flat plate your pruners will not function. Three cheers for the catch plate! Made in Switzerland.
This small but important part stops the center bolt from turning. This keeps your pruner blades set to the proper tension. Made in Switzerland.
This ring holds the bumper in place. Do not remove this ring. It is very difficult to replace. Putting in a new edging ring requires heating the handle of the pruner and should only be done by a professional. Made in Switzerland.
This screw holds the locking segment in place on the Felco models 6, 11, 12 and 100. Loosen it to allow the locking segment to move and the center bolt to turn when making a tension adjustment of the blades. TIghten it again when the pruner is properly adjusted. Made in Switzerland.
Made in Switzerland.
Over time the coating on your pruner handles tends to get chipped, worn and torn. Spruce up the look and give yourself a firmer grip. Remove the old coating and slide on a new one. Use warm soapy water to help slide the new coating on smoothly. A little acrylic glue or epoxy around the edges will keep the new coating permanently in place. Made in Switzerland.
Used for adjustment and maintenance of Felco pruners and loppers. Just the right shape for tightening or loosening the center nut. The correct thickness for fitting the screw slots on older models. On newer models use the handy hexagon-shaped cut-outs for slip-free adjustment of all the nuts and bolts on your Felco pruner or lopper.