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Parts for Felco lopper F200-40A, 16 inches, straight edge, metal handles (F200A-40)

Felco lopper F200-40A, 16 inches, straight edge, metal handles

These are all the available parts for the Felco lopper F200-40A, 16 inches, straight edge, metal handles (F200A-40).

We sell only genuine Felco brand replacement parts. Only Felco parts are sure to fit your Felco tool.

This small but important part stops the center bolt from turning. This keeps your pruner blades set to the proper tension. Made in Switzerland.
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Felco blades are nearly indestructible, but a bad twist on hard wood can chip even the hardest steel. Don't let an unfortunate accident take you off the job. Always carry a replacement blade.
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Opposite the 200-3 cutting blade, and matching its curve, the hook-shaped anvil blade holds the branch for cutting. Anvil blades should never be sharpened.
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Be ready for anything. This pocket-size kit has everything you need for minor repairs to your Felco lopper. Contains two screws (20-6), two nuts (20-7), locking segment (2-16) and locking segment screw (20-11).
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Restore your loppers to bouncy, cushioned youth and save your wrists at the same time. Lopper bumpers should be replaced every 2 to 3 years.
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Fits all Felco loppers. Contains center bolt (20-8) and nut (20-9).
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Red handle grips (set of 2) for F200 and F210 series (200-35)
Made in Switzerland.
Used for adjustment and maintenance of Felco pruners and loppers. Just the right shape for tightening or loosening the center nut. The correct thickness for fitting the screw slots on older models. On newer models use the handy hexagon-shaped cut-outs for slip-free adjustment of all the nuts and bolts on your Felco pruner or lopper.
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